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Month: May 2010

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Hi everyone!

I have all sorts of updates for you this week!  I finally finished the seashells from my previous post. (check out the beginnings of it!)  That will be in my portfolio next Thursday, and with good timing since it’s nearly beach season!

With the gardens in bloom, I have a ton of ideas running around in my head.  Just have to make sure they all make it down on the canvas!  Right now, I have a couple of works in progress.  To give you a glimpse into my studio, I posted the beginnings of 2 paintings below.  They should be finished in time to make it to the Exton Mall next Thursday.

Reference Photos for Tulips
A couple of reference photos

Tulips - In Progress Poppies

In case you haven’t been in to the Mall in a while, here’s a few new things I have in the mall now.

At the Mall Now Purses on Display at the Mall

Hope you enjoy what you see!  Completed paintings and more ideas to come soon.  Until then, take care!