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Month: March 2011

Philadelphia Flower Show

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Philadelphia Flower Show    


I had a chance to go to the Philadelphia Flower Show last week.  What a thrill!  It is the world’s largest indoor flower show held at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.  I went armed with my camera looking for reference photos and to enjoy the whole show.  Enjoy some scenes of  the show:



It is a site to behold! 









         Lots of lots of tulips and beautiful orchids

 This is the largest Christmas cactus I've ever seen – over 3 feet in width

Thistle and Bee

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Thistle and Bee

Hi Everyone!

I finished a new mini painting this week.  This painting is based on a huge thistle that was almost completely covered with bees and butterflies. I was struck by the fierce thorns loaded with delicate butterflies and tiny honey bees. Having had experience wrestling this extreme thorny plant from my yard, I normally view thistle as a terrible weed. Seeing it covered with dainty bees and butterflies gave me a different viewpoint of thistle. I wanted to paint the beauty that exist in this plant. I am pleased with how the painting turned out.

You can find this mini at my Etsy shop. 

Signs of Spring

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Signs of Spring!

I was pretty excited to find the first crocuses this week. In the warmer part of the yard where the sun shines most of the afternoon is where I found the first signs of Spring's arrival! 

First Crocus Flower of Spring

As more crocuses and spring flowers bloom, I'll be outside with my camera and sketchbook to capture their beauty.
Hope you are finding the spring blooms as well!