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Month: November 2011

It’s Here! Cyber Monday and New Blog Look!

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Surprised by my new look?!   I've been playing with new blog fashion!  It's a fringe benefit when my college son comes home – " Mom your blog needs an update – it's easy to do"…….riiiiight  – for him lol!   If you popped in over the weekend, now you know why the blog kept changing it's look.  I couldn't decide which look I liked – like having a clothing crisis in the morning and you can't decide on what to wear…..   Now that he got me started, bear with me as I fly solo and I try to  figure out how to add my photos back to the front page and fix the logo! 

And now Cyber Monday!!!

I'm offering free shipping at my Etsy shop. Nina, from The Adventures of ArtsyNina    has a great roundup of Etsy shops offering Cyber Monday sales. Be sure to click and take a look.    And of course Etsy has pages and pages of Cyber Monday sales here.

Happy shopping !

Free Shipping on Cyber Monday

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Happy Belated Thanksgiving to all my American readers!! Hope you are enjoying lots of turkeys sandwiches and wonderful leftovers! 

This is always a busy time of year with family, holiday prep, and lots of last minute painting for customers and my shops. 

I am offering  free shipping [ domestic USA only ] on all my paintings at my Etsy shop for Cyber Monday – 11/28.  Here's the coupon code to add at checkout:  shipfree2011monday        As a special gift to my readers – feel free to use the code starting today through Monday.

For my local customers — there are lots of new mini canvases at the Exton mall gallery. I am adding more each week. And the Gallery is now open every day – 11am – 7pm until New Years!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend! Back on Monday with a new post!

New Painting

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Some shameless self promotion today : )  I posted a new 11 x 14 inch painting yesterday.  I used some reference photos of daisies taken back in July.

Daisies by SibStudio

I was cutting back the very last of the daisies a few weeks ago and thought i'd like to capture them in all their summer glory.

More Daisies by SibStudio

I decided on painting a faux denim background to bring a nice country summery feel to the painting.  I got so involved in painting the denim look that I forgot to take a few photos.  I started with a light blue background and then dragged a loose mixture of navy blue across the canvas.  I ended up with a bit of a plaid look which I liked. After it dried, I lightly sanded the whole surface with sandpaper to give it a distressed look.  I painted a spray of daisies and a bit of vines to finish the look.  Here it is:

Summer Daisies by SibStudio

  And that's a peek behind my easel.   : )

Teal: The Color of Excellent Taste

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Teal: The Color of Excellent Taste

I'm always fascinated by the colors I see in nature. Pinks and purples in a sunset, metallics on a pigeon, pearly iridescent inside an oyster shell, blues of the sky and sea.  Today I'm looking at one of the colors of this Fall – Winter season – Deep Teal. (1)  It is one of the Pantone colors of the season.

Color of Teal

Teal…green-blue……?  Teal is a mix of green and blue, but is considered to be a Green. If more blue is mixed in, it becomes a Teal Blue and moves in to Turquoise family.  Confusing isn't it?!  It is one of those colors, like mauve, that is a combination of two colors and everyone has their own perception of what the color is. I always ask a customer who wants teal, if they are thinking of a teal green or a teal blue.

So where did the color teal come from?

Teal emerged on the scene in 1917!  That's the date it was first recorded as a color name in English. (2) But let's go back further – where did the color teal come from?  

Green-winged Teal

Photo credit: Cornell Lab of Ornoithology

This duck is called a Teal. In fact, here is a  whole group of ducks known as Teals. This fellow above is a Green-winged Teal.  The color name teal comes from the green stripe of color on his head.

So what is the color psychology of Teal?

"Cool and constant, teal indicates stability and resistance to change. If teal is your favorite color, you are a sensitive individual, and have excellent taste. Optimistic and trusting, you have a high degree of faith and hope, easily trusting others." (3) Sounds like a terrific choice of color!

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2 -Maerz and Paul A Dictionary of Color New York:1930 McGraw-Hill Page 205; color sample of Teal: Page 101 Plate 39 Color Sample L7

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