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Month: May 2012

Pansy Perfection

Posted in Reference Photos

I have some new pansies that were not blooming when I bought them.  Yesterday they burst into bloom….. wow!  Isn't this one beautiful?

beautiful pansy at sibstudio dot com

I had no idea what the colors would be.  What a gorgeous surprise. I love the color combination of purple, yellow, and pinks 

pansy at stibstudio dot com

Such detail on this flower – the purple vein lines and the tiny bit of white along the ruffled edges.  Just beautiful.  I am swamped right now, but I will definitely be painting this lovely pansy in the future. 

Bunnies In My Yard And On My Canvas

Posted in Art Work, and Peeking Behind the Easel

We have lots of bunnies in the yard year round.  There are at least four right now that hang out around the yard. They are a blast to watch when they start playing and chasing each other around the grass. They are very comfortable…. ok, overly comfortable…..

overly comfortable bunnies    sibstudio dot com blog

and show little fear when we are around the yard.  When the dog is out and about in the yard, they stay where they are, nestle down in the flowers or grass, and  just watch him. Often they continue to munch on grass while they keep an eye on him.  Occasionally the dog spots them and then the chase is on.  The bunnies always win and slip away through the fence. I had the image of the bunnies nestled down in the flowers, keeping an eye on the dog,  when I painted this little miniature painting:

Bunnies and black eyed susans  sibstudio dot com blog

And that is a peek behind my easel for the story behind the painting. : )    You can find this painting in my Etsy shop.