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Month: January 2013

Postage Increase

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New year and new postage rates. In ten days, the Post Office is raising their shipping rates.  Domestic US rates is going up  a little for stamps and more for priority shipping.  Priority Mail retail prices will increase an average of 6.3%.

However, International rates are skyrocketing. A 56% increase, yikes!  On January 27, the cost of mailing a small padded envelope weighing 2 ounces to Canada, will go from $3.15 to $6.15.

I  keep my shipping cost as low as possible and will continue to do so.  I will be slightly increasing prices on some items in my sewing shop ( SibStudioSewing ), as well as increasing the international shipping fees, next weekend.  Because I only ship  to Domestic US and Canada from my art shop ( SibStudio ), there will be a slight increase in some of my shipping fees only.  Thank you for your understanding.

Pheasant In My Yard

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Never know what will show up in the yard.  Last week brought a gorgeous pheasant!

Ring Necked Pheasant

We’ve never seen a pheasant hanging out around here. Taking a peek at shows that they do actually live around here year round.  Who knew?

Rin Necked Pheasant

I like the way his white “collar” looks like the collar of a button down shirt. His face has iridescent green with a red around his eyes.

ring necked pheasant

The markings on this back are so interesting. Comma like half circles on the upper feathers, and stripes on the lower. You can see the shine of the iridescent on the back of his head.

ring necked pheasant

Here you can see the stripes on his tail and the great oranges and rust on his feathers.  Just a beautiful bird. I was able to take a fair amount of photos right through the window.  He will definitely show up in future paintings.

A New Fresh Year

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Time flies when things get busy! The holidays are over, 4th quarter is finished, as are wholesale orders, my favorite clients Christmas orders, studio has been scrubbed clean, and things have settle down a bit. I love the freshness of a new year : )

As I am working on several private client orders, let me share a some pet photos.

delilah and sherlock

These guys are my part time doggies who hang out with me during the day.  Meet Delilah and Sherlock.

My college aged son took in an injured cat, who  began to look a little fat…..yup. Kittens….. and not just a normal batch of 3 -4 .  Nope she had 6 (!) healthy kittens. Recently petless, I offered to take two:

fin and cleo blog

Meet Finn and Cleo  And then one more kitten needed a home, so now it is three.

three kittens   blogMeet Dora with her sister kittens.

All the kittens and dogs get along great and have fun playing together.  The kittens look forward to the dogs arrival in the mornings and then play like crazy together when we are dog free in the evenings. They are all really fun and I enjoy their antics and sweetness.  No pets allowed in the studio keeps things under control so I can work and keeps my studio clean.  And that is a peek behind the easel… actually from outside of the shut studio door.  🙂