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Month: April 2013

New Tote: Blue Sailboats

Posted in Sewing

I finished a new tote this weekend.  I saw this sailboat fabric a few months ago and fell in love with it.  I love the artistic brushstroke sailboats all done  in blue. The white background highlights the boats perfectly. I paired it with a navy blue duck and navy straps to stay true to the simple blue and white of the fabric.

Blue and white sailboats tote by sibstudiosewing at etsy _5708   blog

I’ve pulled the bag outwards so you can see the beautiful boats. You can pack this bag with 4 – 5 rolled beach towels and still have room for sunscreen, water bottles, and lunch.

Sailboat tote by sibstudiosewing

I tweaked the construction of this tote.  I used polypropylene webbing and sewed it into the bottom seam as well as up and down the entire bag. The polypropylene webbing  is strong,  waterproof , does not absorb dirt or water, while still being  gentle to the hands.  I also tweaked the interior bottom support so it doesn’t buckle when the load gets a little heavy.  I think this is my favorite tote… so far : )   You can find it now at SibStudioSewing .

Daffodil Drawing, Part 3

Posted in Art Work, and Peeking Behind the Easel

Finished! Here is the finished drawing:

SibStudio at Etsy
Finished daffodil drawing

I am happy with how it turned out. I wanted to capture the simple beauty of daffodils in black and white.  I kept the drawing to a roughly 5 x 7 space as I worked. After playing with different size matting and color, I opted for a slightly larger matting to focus the eye on the drawing. I also thought that the white matting helped to bring out better contrast between the light and dark of the drawing.
You can find this drawing at my art shop – SibStudio  – on Etsy.

Daffodil Drawing, Part 1

Posted in Art Work, and Peeking Behind the Easel

The daffodils are in full bloom here in Pennsylvania! I love watching them open and turn up towards the sunlight. I had to stop and grab my pencils and capture their simple beauty.

The weather is still iffy with rain, so I took some photos as references to work from.  I start my drawings with  a very loose sketch with a HB graphite pencil of the basic shapes of the flowers and leaves.  For a small drawings, a clip board is a great tool to mount the paper on.

daffodil drawing
Starting of the daffodil drawing

I worked with 4B, 5B, and 8B soft graphite pencils. 4B is my favorite because it is just dark enough to get great contrast in the details and still be able to lift it off with an eraser to create lighter areas.  I started in the negative space between the leaves to establish the darkest parts of the drawing, and began laying in the stems and leaves.  Stay tuned to Part 2!