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A New Project

Posted in Sewing

I am in the process of opening a second shop at Etsy: SibStudio Sewing. I will continue to paint and add new artwork to my SibStudio art shop. I wanted to separate out the fabric work from the painted work in my shop.   This new shop showcase my designs, and my twist on a sewn project. I've been sewing for years and have been incorporating painting into my sewn creations. I'll be giving you all a peak into what's coming  over the few weeks, as I work towards the grand opening. : )

I needed to create labels for my items.  The first label I wanted is for  wall hangings that I am working on.  I used a sheet of photo fabric  – cotton fabric attached to paper for feeding through a printer. By using the mail label template in Word, it was a snap to print out a sheet of labels.

SibStudio Sewing labels for SibStudio don com

One of the last steps is to run the label under water. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the ink held up well and there was no smearing or fading. I'm not sure the labels will hold up in the washer, but for a wall hanging, they work well.

SibStudio Sewing labels for SibStudio don com

I kept the initial label simple for now. But you could add a logo or small artwork to the labels as well. Stay tuned for more updates, more paintings, and more peeks behind my easel.