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I am a self taught artist from West Chester, PA.  I have painted professionally for over 25 years for private clientele  but have ventured out into local galleries, shows, shops, and now online.  I mostly paint on canvases and draw with graphite. However, I  love mixing it up and painting on glass, wood, fabric – I treat every surface as if it was a canvas, and paint it to be a work of art.  You can find my paintings locally and online at Etsy .

In  April of 2012, I opened a 2nd shop at Etsy  – SibStudioSewing. I started the shop with the idea of combining paint and fabric.  I had been experimenting with hand painted purses and wall hangings.

After designing a wristlet for my daughter, a local boutique contacted me to feature the wristlets in her shop.  I’ve since then focused on designing my own wristlets, totes, diaper bags,  purses, etc . I love sewing with  all the awesome  colors and types of fabrics!   In the future, I plan to add a couture section for truly one of a kind, painted, beaded and sewn items.

I love color, whether it is in paint or in fabrics. Every day feels like going to the playground to play with paints or sewing fun fabrics. I love sketching out my artwork and sketching out my newest sewing designs.  There is nothing more exciting then new paints or new fabric. Except for seeing an idea in my head come to live in the form of a painting or of a finished sewn item.

I can  be reached at or at


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