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Author: Kathy

New Foldover Clutches

Posted in Sewing

I have been working on new purse designs. My latest is a folder clutch.

Camo Fold Over Clutch

The camo clutch has faux or vegan leather corners.  I have been paying with making the top angled so that when it folds over it adds a little pizzazz.

The clutch is roomy enough to fit everything you need in your clutch. And I like to make the insides fun as well as practical.  The camo clutches have a inside zipper pocket as well as 2 regular pockets for your id, money, lipsticks, etc.

This clutch has pink and brown damask cotton lining and pockets

The Camo Fold Over Clutches are posted on my shop. I have more to come!

Dragonfly and pink satin clutch ready to be sewn

New Cosmetic Bags

Posted in Sewing

I have been sewing and painting away over the past months. Lots of custom sewing  and painting orders for customers, and designing new items as well.  Time for some updates!

Some fun fabrics and all with vinyl fused linings.
Some fun fabrics and all with vinyl fused linings.

Being listed this week are some new cosmetic bags. Lots of fun fabrics and all have fused vinyl lining.  I like the vinyl lining because is makes it easy to wipe your bag clean of makeup dust and minor spills.

These makeup bags make fun party favors for bridesmaids or bachelorette parties. I am always happy to make more so you have enough for all your guests.

Wine glasses Cosmetic bag

Pretty wine glasses & pretty purple lilacs

Lilac Cosmetic Bag

Fun bag our lady police, deputy sheriffs and law enforcement

Handcuff cosmetic bags by sibstudiosewing

and some sets to keep you organized


Nail Polish Make Up Bag Set
Nail Polish and Lipstick Make Up Bag Sets

Stop by SibStudioSewing at Etsy to see what else is new

Wine Tote

Posted in Sewing

I have tweaked one of my old wine tote designs to make it much sturdier and prettier.  My previous wine tote had elastic loops to hold the wine bottles in the tote bag. It did not hold the wine bottles as securely as I had thought.  So I tried several ideas and came up with a design that works great !

My newest wine tote bag design
My newest wine tote bag design

I have added the faux leather bottom and reinforced the bottom of the tote bag with another layer of faux leather and sturdy interfacing on the inside.

Wine tote pieces ready to be sewn and serged
Wine tote pieces ready to be sewn and serged

Inside I added two large sleeves to hold two bottles, on each side of the tote. The sleeves are sewn into the sides of the tote with 4 rows of stitching to be super sturdy. The bottles stay upright and do not clink together when you are carrying the tote bag.


There are two inside pockets for corkscrews, lunch, cellphones etc, and one outer pockets as well. Wine-Glass-tote-by-sibstudiosewing-at-etsy-blog-2247

This wine tote bag has plenty of room for lunch, beach towels, a laptop,magazines… etc. Add a bottle of your favorite wine and this tote would make a wonderful gift for newlyweds, housewarming, hostess gift, and for your favorite wine lover.


Perfect Gift for Your Favorite Dog Lover

Posted in Sewing

I fell in love when I saw this beautiful cotton fabric. Awesome, photo realistic dogs – yorkies, golden retrievers, labs, poodles, cocker spaniels, dachshunds, german shepherds, and beagles. I couldn’t wait to get started turning this fabric into beautiful totes and wristlets.

Dog Tote

This large tote has the beautiful dogs cotton paired with black faux leather. It measures 14.5 x 16 inches with a base of 5.5 x 11.5 inches. Easy to clean black straps are sewn into the tote bag, all the way into the bottom seam. One outside pocket for holding your cell phone, keys, pens, etc.

Inside fully lined with tan kona cotton and multi color dog bones on brown cotton pockets. One zipper pocket for hiding valuables, 2 small and 2 large pockets ring the inside of the tote. Also a key fob and key ring for your keys, etc.  Strong and sturdy, this tote can handle everything you put in it.

Dogs Smartphone Wristlet
Dogs Smartphone Wristlet

Matching Dogs smartphone wristlet is perfect for your larger phones – iPhone 6 Plus, Samsung Galaxy Note and Mega, HTC One Max, Nokia Lumia, Google Nexus.  It measures 9 x 6 inches and has a removable wristlet strap and key ring.  Inside is fully lined with tan kona cotton and 4 pockets, perfect for id, debit cards, lipsticks, etc.

Both are perfect for any dog lover 🙂


Bloopers: Ironing Lace

Posted in Peeking Behind the Seam

As hard as I try, there are going to be bloopers when creating. When painting, I can often just repaint and move on. When sewing, I look for my seam ripper and start taking it apart to redo.  Once in a while, there is nothing that can be done to save it ….. groan.

A too hot iron wrecks havoc on lace

I had just finished sewing this beautiful antique lace and champagne colored satin lingerie bag. I was giving it the final pressing before photographing it for my shop. Unfortunately, I forgot to turn the iron temperature down …..

melted-lace-1191The hot iron literally melted the lace on to the iron. It is not repairable on this bag.

These bloopers happen to all of us. It’s part of the process and some lessons are learned the hard way. Now I am very careful when pressing lace. – always use a cool iron when pressing lace!!  🙂