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Behind the Easel

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Behind the Easel

Hi Everyone!

In my earlier version of this blog, there was a spot to add a little quote, saying, or blog description. I never noticed the spot until much later. And since I had not changed it , for months it had the original WordPress filler: Just another weblog.  I found it amusing and left it as an ode to my first blog newbieism.

As we – one of my sons – began to fill out the first pages of starting up this version of the blog, we just wrote “Something Nice” as the  filler to be changed later, after the blog was up and running.  Once the blog was published, we noticed that Something Nice had it’s own prominent spot above the header.  After asking what do you think I should put in that spot and having a multitude of silliness and puns from the rest of the family, someone called out “behind the easel”.  Ah – perfect!  That describes what I envision this blog – a peak behind the easel to see  the stories behind the paintings, early sketches, finished paintings, photos I take for reference,  video clips, etc.  Perfect!

So stay tuned to peak behind the easel!  Take care and enjoy the day!