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Blooming Grasses

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Blooming Grasses

Can grass bloom? Sure it can! Most ornamental grasses bloom in the late summer and fall. Their blooms are plumes of  white or reddish bronze feathery tops.

 porcupine grass in bloom

This grass is called porcupine grass for the horizontal stripes on the blades. Also know as miscanthus sinesis strictus.

Plumes reach for the sky

In late fall, the grass plant begins with turn brown and wither a bit, but the plume stays upright through the winter months. That is when the grasses also make a rustling sound in the wind, while the plumes wave above. That sound reminds me of the beach in the winter.

Miscanthus in the morning

I often include glasses in my seashore paintings. They grow along many beaches on the edge of the sand. Adding them to the paintings adds a bit of texture and greenery to break up the tans and blues of the sky, sea, and sand.