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What’s New This Week

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Happy Monday! Hope everyone’s week was a good one 🙂

I have new items in both shops. I finished the Dragonfly Foldover Clutch last week. I had the clutches cut out and ready to sew on my previous post:

Dragonfly and pink satin clutch ready to be sewn

And here it is finished :

SibStudioSewing on ETsy
Dragonfly Fold Over Clutch

I love this satin fabric.  It is a heavy weight satin with really beautiful metallic pink, lavender, green, and blue dragonflies. I cut this clutch with an angle for interest when it is folded over.

The perfect size clutch for your phone and makeup items.

Inside is  lined with pink satin. It has 4 pockets as well as plenty of room for your larger smartphone and makeup. I made 2 of these clutches and both are up on my shop.

I also have a new painting up on my SibStudio art shop:

Pink jellyfish painting

I had a lot of fun with this painting. I like the narrow canvas because it lend itself well to focusing on the jellyfish and it’s tentacles.  I added silver glitter paint for some of the tentacles so that it catches the light a gives a little illusion of movement.

The silver paint I used didn’t have enough glitter – really, can you ever have too much glitter?! I added more glitter to the paint and into the wet paint.

Glitter tentacles

The tentacles really sparkle when they catch the light and gives the airy look of that jellyfish have as they float pass.   Both of these are listed on my Etsy shops. You can find links to my shops on the above menu .


Peeking into my Sketchbook

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I use my sketch books for drawing out ideas, refining the composition, colors and layout of future paintings.  The seed catalogs have been arriving the mailbox and I was inspired by all of the photos of roses.

Rose drawing in my sketch book
Rose drawing in my sketch book

This is one of the drawings of roses I’ve been working on. I haven’t decided if I want the future painting to focus on one large flower or to be part of several roses. I’ve been toying with painting roses on wine glasses as well. That’s the fun of sketch book drawings – no decision have to be made, just draw  🙂

New Daffodil Painting

Posted in Art Work, and Peeking Behind the Easel

I love painting daffodils, especially at the end of winter while waiting for spring to arrive!  This is my newest painting of daffodils.

Springtime Daffodils
Springtime Daffodils

I used a 12 x 4 x 1.25 inch gallery wrapped canvas to focus the painting on just the daffodils. I painted the sides of canvas to give the entire painting a bit of a 3D feel. 

Side view of painting
Side view of painting


My inspiration was photos that I took at the Philadelphia Flower Show a few years ago.  The display of daffodils was so cheerful and beautiful.

My reference photos
My reference photos

I enjoyed painting the yellows and oranges of the flowers and the greens of the leaves. There are touches of purple and  gray-blue in the shadows of the petals and leaves.  You can find this painting listed today at my Etsy shop.  I am looking forward to seeing daffodils outside shortly as spring finally arrives. 🙂


Yellow Tulip Painting

Posted in Art Work, and Peeking Behind the Easel

What a cold and snowy winter this has been…! Yesterday brought another inch or so and more predicted later on this week. So what to do? Paint spring flowers is what I am doing!

This week I finished a 6 x 6 inch painting of yellow tulips. I use photos of tulips I’ve taken over the years as my references. I chose warm yellows for the flowers because I like yellow tulips and for the warmth of the color.  The leaves are painted with blue greens and touches of purple. The background is a purple – azure blue blend to help pop the yellow tulips.

Kathy Sibley painting
Yellow Tulips

I like the 6 by 6 inches canvases – not too small and not too big. The gallery wrap canvas means no framing needed. You can frame it if you like, but the sides are painted so the painting looks great hanging frameless.

A great size
A great size

Stay warm and enjoy your day !


Scallop Shell Miniature Painting

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I have a collection of shells that I use for references when painting.  I have several scallop shells from Florida and from New England. I like the blue color and the sharp ridges of the bay scallop below, ( even though this one has a hole). I like the colors and the patterns on the Florida shell.

Scallop shells
Scallop shells

In this miniature scallop shell painting, I combined the patterns from one and the blue color from the other. I am not sure that scallops actually come with blue stripes but that is the fun of artist license 🙂    I painted the shell nestled in the sea grass and sand.

3 x 3 inches miniature Scallop Shell painting
3 x 3 inches miniature Scallop Shell painting

It can be found on my Etsy shop.