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Happy Weekend!

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Ooops!  Where did the week go?! 

I am working on a new project . I'll have some updates by the end of the month. : )    In the meantime I am painting new work for the CCAA Exton gallery and my Etsy shop.  I am bored looking at the same art and I know you are too, so stay tuned for new artwork!

This time of year brings yard work at our house. We have the yard set up so most of the work needs to be done in the early spring. Which works great because that's before the ticks are out in full force and the weather is still cool. I found the first crocus bloom and a bluebird flew by! I was surprised by the bluebird – seems early to me. But I am wrong, they are here all winter – who knew?!  I didn't have my camera with me  – umm…  power hedge clippers and cameras don't mix – at least in this household. So I am including this terrific photo from blog  that I found thanks to Ginger on Pinterest.   The blue is so brilliant – it's an eye catching bird!  And does it bring happiness ?  Well  I was happy to finish the yard work today ; )

A Tour of the Chester County Art Association Exton Square Studio

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I have paintings year round at the local art association's mall gallery. I've been asked several times about this gallery. So I thought I would take you on a tour  – let me  introduce you to  the Chester County Art Association's Exton Square Studio. 

Chester County Art Association Exton Square Studio

This is a a satellite facility located in the Exton Square Mall. It reaches a lot of people that would not normally venture into an art gallery. 

Chester County Art Assciation Exton Square Studio

It doesn't take long to become an art lover with all the great art to be found inside.

Chester County Art Association Exton Square Studio

What makes this gallery fun is it has artists of all levels – famous professionals to up and coming new artists.  There are artists who create gorgeous  watercolor, oil, pastels, mosaics, pottery, jewelry, blown glass, graphite, pysanky eggs, furniture makers, woodworkers, sculptures,  photography, and more.

Chester County Art Association Exton Square Studio

There is still furniture left from a former store and the wonderful staff puts everything to use for displaying artwork.

Chester County Art Association Exton Square Studio

There is a huge amount of artist's portfolios filled with photography, paintings and drawings to choose from as well.  Behind me in this photo is the very large room where the almost free art classes are held for adults and children.  Thousands of children enjoy art classes with professional artists every year here at the gallery.  I think it's a great way to expose children to art as they walk through the gallery to the art classes.   All housed in the convenience of the local Mall.   Hope you enjoyed the tour!

Some New Paintings

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Some New Paintings

New paintings in the Etsy shop  this week. 

For my local customers, I am also working on new mini paintings for the Mall gallery. I will be adding new ones each week.

These new paintings can be found at my Etsy shop

White poinsettias SibStudio at

White Poinsettias

White Lilies SibStudio at

White Lilies

Radishes by SibStudio at

Radishes    This is the second painting in my Kitchen Art Vegetable series.  More in this series to come!

Local News

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Local News

For those who are local – I have new minis at the CCAA  Exton Mall Gallery.  I stopped in this morning and there is some wonderful art there! Beautiful watercolors,  pastels, acrylic, oils,  photography, and new pottery on displays.  They have a new jewelry artist whose work with stone and gems is just gorgeous.  It's definitely worth a trip to check out what is there.