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My Favorite Art Magazine

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My Favorite Art Magazine

There are a lot of art magazines for artists and art lovers.  By far my favorite is International Artist.  It is a fabulous magazine for artists that focuses on art  and art techniques.  No fillers, no activism, no politics,  just wonderful, fantastic art, artists, and techniques. I love reading about artist from around the world and seeing their incredible artwork. 

International Artist Magazine

It comes out bimonthly and can be found on the newsstand as well as by subscription

From the February -March issue of International Arist

This is from the April-May addition of International Artist.   This spectacular pastel painting by Sangita Phadke is just one of the many featured artist and their work.

You can see more at

Is It a Painting Or A Photo?

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Is It a Painting Or A Photo?

I saw this incredible photo yesterday on the U.K. Daily Mail website. It was taken by Frans Lanting  for the National Geographic.  Is it a painting? Or is it a photograph?


See what you think:

Photo by Frans Lanting of Namib-Naukluft Park for National Geographic

From  the Daily Mail:  " Just a quick glance and you could be forgiven for thinking this striking image is a spectacular piece of artwork. But take a minute to look a little closer and you will see it is in fact a photograph – capturing the eerie camel thorn trees in Namibia's Namib-Naukluft Park in an entirely new light. Tinted orange by the morning sun, the soaring sand dune in the background gives the illusion of a painted sky."

You can find this incredible photo and more from the talented Mr Lanting  featured in this Daily Mail article.   Enjoy!