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Eagle Cam Update: They’re getting big!

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Eagle Cam Update: They're getting big!

I wrote a week or so ago about the Eagle nest cam in Norfolk Botanical Gardens in Virgina. The three babies are  getting big! They are just starting to get their real feathers along their back  now.  It is so interesting to see an adult beak on the fluffy babies.  One of them was sitting up looking around this morning so you could really get a good look  at him.  Like many others, I was checking to see that they all made it through the terrible storms from last night.
It's an awesome chance to see eagle babies and the adults up close and  in action.  If you are an artist, it's a terrific opportunity to observe the eagles up close in their natural habitat.

Here's the link.

If you look on the right, below the camera link, you'll find slide show of photos of the whole family. Including this one:

Baby eagles at Norfolk Botantical Gardens in Virgina

Slide #14 from April 15,  2011


  1. My neighbors watch this like a sporting event! I am glad they all made in through!!!

    April 17, 2011
    • Sibstudio

      It is addicting! I’m really impressed with the quality of the camera. You almost feel like you’re in sitting on a branch watching them.

      April 17, 2011
  2. Awww! They are so cute!!

    April 17, 2011
  3. Fabric Fascination
    Fabric Fascination

    Wow, the last time I checked in, they hadn't hatched yet.  Amazing!

    April 17, 2011
  4. Kala

    Thanks for sharing, they are so cute:)

    April 17, 2011

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