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Eagle Nest Cam from Norfolk Botanical Garden,Virgina

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Eagle Nest Cam from Norfolk Botanical Gardens,Virgina

Hi Everyone!

If you haven't seen this Eagle cam from Norfolk Botanical Gardens in Virginia, then you are missing out on something special. The camera is set near the nest and is so clear and simply fantastic. The camera is in color and they zoom in and out of the nest so you feel like you are right there in the tree with the eagles. I've been watching on and off  since the 1st egg hatched. There are now three hatched eaglets. To see the mother and father eagles flying in and out with fish for the babies, and settling on the nest is just fantastic. This morning I am watching the three babies as nestled together in the nest while the parents are out catching food.  Here is the website:

Eagle Cam from Norfolk Botanical Gardens in Virginia

There is a live moderated discussion tab on the right where you can ask questions and they provide up to date information on the activity in the nest. Lots of videos of the eggs and eaglets on tabs beneath the camera shots.

Eagle and three eaglets

This photo is from

As an artist, it's been a treat to see eagles extremely up close and in movement. Sometimes the camera is in so close that you can see the feather markings  and how the white head feathers overlap the brown body feathers.   Watching the babies move and seeing their fluff has been fun. I've spent several mornings sketching  and am looking forward to using my sketches in future paintings.

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  1. Fabric Fascination
    Fabric Fascination

    I heard about this, but haven't seen it yet.  Will check out the video.

    April 8, 2011

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