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Etsy Wedding Registry

Posted in Art Work, and Reviews

Brand new to Etsy is a wedding registry. Very cool idea.  If you've poked around on Etsy, you know you can find wedding rings, custom wedding dresses, purses for the bridal party, invitations, hand decorated shoes for the bride and her bridesmads,  and much, much more.  You can also find just about anything you could imagine for the wedding, the reception and for  the home,
 Here's the link for the registry

I had a chance to paint for a wedding from an Etsy customer and it was great fun!  A bride contacted me for a series of miniature paintings as gifts for  each member of her wedding party.   She and I worked out what she wanted and I got to work. What a creative and personal idea she had and I loved being a part of it!

For lots of information and ideas, here's the wedding page at Etsy.   And if you are on twitter, I see lots of excitement at #etsyweddings

And lastly, there are lots of real life Etsy weddings to read about here