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New Tote: Blue Sailboats

Posted in Sewing

I finished a new tote this weekend.  I saw this sailboat fabric a few months ago and fell in love with it.  I love the artistic brushstroke sailboats all done  in blue. The white background highlights the boats perfectly. I paired it with a navy blue duck and navy straps to stay true to the simple blue and white of the fabric.

Blue and white sailboats tote by sibstudiosewing at etsy _5708   blog

I’ve pulled the bag outwards so you can see the beautiful boats. You can pack this bag with 4 – 5 rolled beach towels and still have room for sunscreen, water bottles, and lunch.

Sailboat tote by sibstudiosewing

I tweaked the construction of this tote.  I used polypropylene webbing and sewed it into the bottom seam as well as up and down the entire bag. The polypropylene webbing  is strong,  waterproof , does not absorb dirt or water, while still being  gentle to the hands.  I also tweaked the interior bottom support so it doesn’t buckle when the load gets a little heavy.  I think this is my favorite tote… so far : )   You can find it now at SibStudioSewing .