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New Years Resolutions……?

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So how about those New Years Resolutions?…… Oh yea, forgot about those!  : )  Anyone remember what yours were?….   I’ve forgotten mine….

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Ok so now that I cheated and looked up to see what they were….  Blog more often, oh yea….. that  one needs some work.  And the one that says paint one new painting a week needs more work too.  The last one that about getting more organized is actually one that I’ve had quite a bit of success.  Yea!

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Opening a second shop this spring derailed the first two.  Should have made that a resolution!  I forgot how much time it takes to open a shop, all the writing that goes into a shop – policies, profile, descriptions for new items….making  items and starting from scratch promoting the shop. But it’s all come together and I’ve even made my first sale!  So as we are half  way through the year, I will resolve to blog more,  paint more, and sew!  Hope you have had better success with your resolutions…. if you remember what they were!

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