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Oh Good Morning!

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Look who was hanging out on the deck yesterday morning when I opened the blinds:

Mourning Doves

They are so pretty in all their grey softness.   The peeling deck railings, ah……. not so much. They don't seem to care too much.

Mourning Dove Bathing

Wouldn't it be cool to back able to turn your head like that!  I like seeing all the feathers separated out so you can see the shape and the coloring. The dotted feathers are interesting.  And the red feet are surprising considering how soft the colors are on the rest of the bird.

Mourning Dove at SibStudio dot com

My favorite part of the dove is the metallic pink and blue feathers around the head. I wasn't able to get close enough to catch the metallic sheen.  When I think of the colors of nature, metallic is not one that I think of, but that's what you find on the head of a mourning dove.  This little guy has finished his bath and has fluffed out his feathers to soak in the morning sunlight.  I haven't painted  mourning doves, but these guys had me ready to grab my paint brushes. They were a wonderful morning surprise.


  1. Your pictures are wonderful. Dove are beautiful birds. I love to hear them too.

    March 16, 2012
  2. How delightful!  Beautiful birds and great photos!  I find the doves little coo sounds very soothing.  Such a peaceful sound.

    March 16, 2012

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