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Pardon my learning curve

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Hi Everyone !

Just figured out the obvious – how to correctly add a link.  The link is also on the side blog roll. Here’s the Etsy store link:

My Etsy shop: SibStudio

It’s been interesting to see the changes in technology in the time that I have been painting.  All my early artwork is on printed photos or slides. Now slide film is difficult to find and everything is digital and online.  Having a blog to update everyone instantly and an online store makes things so much easier!  The painting and photographing are the easy part. The learning curve for me is  posting online with all the bells and whistles – all the things that the kids seem to know by instinct!

I am continuing to add paintings to the Etsy store – so keep checking in .  Etsy is holding a web “Christmas in July” sale.  I am so new that I am just offering a white poinsettia painting with free shipping.  Here’s a photo:

Also –  for those of you who are local – I would be more than happy to change  the Etsy shipping fees to free  and arrange a local delivery.  Just let me know.

Enjoy the day and take care!