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Photographing mini canvases

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Hi Everyone!

I am finding getting good clear photos of my miniature art work to be a challenge. It’s pretty easy to get great reference shots and clean shots of my larger work.  The mini canvases are requiring more effort and creativity.  Selling in person and in a physical shop allows you to see exactly how small they are and all of the detail. Online, the photos have to convey the same thing. It’s tricky to get a good photo that doesn’t treat it like a large painting. The charm of the miniature painting is how small it is with all the tiny detail. Photos that treat it like a large painting are not flattering at all to say the least!

My daughter had a terrific idea of photographing it on a  1 inch grid  to convey the size.  That seems to be working.  I have  rigged a make shift light box with white art paper to keep the background clean. Photographing them on a little plate stand also allows me to get a little distance but still show the details.  See what you think:

Make shift light box            Ready to shoot       Using grid to emphasize small size

Finished photo!

There’s still improvements to be made, so I’ll keep working on getting better photos.  But for now, I think this works.  I’ll be adding more minis and more art work to my Etsy shop this month and getting ready to add more minis to Mall gallery next month as well.  And if you are in West Chester,  be sure to take a peek at my two paintings hanging in the Starbuck’s this summer.

Stay cool and take care!