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Sewing with Vinyl

Posted in Sewing

I am up to my eyeballs with a large local sewing order. It’s great fun meeting someone new  and working together to tweak some of my sewing designs to meet their needs.  I find design tweaking absorbing and time consuming.  I always learn something new.

One of the tweaks is adding a vinyl pocket on to a cell phone clutch. I’ve never used vinyl before and it is kind cool to work with.  A trip to JoAnne’s  to check out vinyl, I found that the lower the gauge the thinner the vinyl is. I have opted to work with an 18 gauge vinyl for sturdiness.

Vinyl wants to stick to your machine when sewing.  I found  that there are a lot  sewing blogs that  suggest  adding scotch tape to the bottom of your sewing foot.  I tried it and it works great! Adding a small strip on either side of the needle plate, under the foot helped too.  It glides right through when sewing. has great photos  and instructions

Source: via Cindy on Pinterest

Another tip from   is to keep the tissue paper that comes with a roll of vinyl with the piece of vinyl you are working on. Seems obvious ….. now.  Those edges of the vinyl are really hard to see and the tissue paper helps a lot.

I’ll definitely be experimenting with vinyl in the future.  but for today, vinyl playtime is over and it’s time to work on the order and also finish up a painting that is almost done.  Enjoy your day !