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Snowy Branches

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Snowy Branches

Hi Everyone!

More snow today!  The weather forecasters were announcing up to 1 inch of snow and rain. If they had looked out their windows they would have seen over 3 inches and heavy snow!  Sometimes Mother Nature doesn't follow the computer forecast. : – )

Seemed like a good day to take some reference photos for snow, especially snow on tree branches. I've painted several small paintings of snow scenes and it's always good to have good reference photos of how the snow sits on the tree branches. Stronger branches  will hold quite a bit of snow with no slagging. The viburnum is a good example:


The snow will sit on the branches and nestle in the crooks and V's of the branches. Pine trees and decorative grasses sag under the weight of snow.  Snow piles on the branches and cause the whole branch to sag under the weight.


A good understanding of how snow sits on branches with help make a snowy scene painting even better:

Here's a small example.   I'm looking forward to painting more snowy paintings.   Enjoy your day!