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Storm Clouds

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After a day with temperature in the high 90’s, a cold front came marching in with magnificent dark clouds.  Take a look:

 Storm Clouds in May  SibStudio dot com The clouds looked like they were from the Wizard of Oz rather than Pennsylvania

May Storm Clouds   They were moving steadily across the sky, loosely swirling. They looked like the huge clouds of  large paintings of the stormy seas.

May Cold Front Marching inLuckily they were more bite than bark, and the storm itself was quite mild. But boy were they a site to behold! I will be using these photos in future paintings.

Pansy Perfection

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I have some new pansies that were not blooming when I bought them.  Yesterday they burst into bloom….. wow!  Isn't this one beautiful?

beautiful pansy at sibstudio dot com

I had no idea what the colors would be.  What a gorgeous surprise. I love the color combination of purple, yellow, and pinks 

pansy at stibstudio dot com

Such detail on this flower – the purple vein lines and the tiny bit of white along the ruffled edges.  Just beautiful.  I am swamped right now, but I will definitely be painting this lovely pansy in the future. 

Looking at Forsythia

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I think it is so interesting that many of the first spring flowers are pink or yellow.  I have daffodils planted near forsythia in the yard. It was not done intentionally, but I love that they both bloom roughly the same time. The big burst of yellow shouts out Spring! like nothing else. Here's burst of yellow from the Forsythia:

Forsnthia in bloom

You can see each flower is held onto the branch by a little bit of green stem and four petals.

Yellow Forsythia in bloom

Inside each flower, there is also a touch of green near the upper base of the stamen.  Each flower has 4 petals with a faint raised line down the center of the petal. 

I like painting then with  any shade of blue background  – my preference is a grey-blue or a cerulean blue, depending on what mood Iam aiming for.  A  painting with single branch loaded with flowers makes a statement. But I also like painting them as a peek into the entire bush ,like the left side of photo above, where the flowers seem to go on and on.  No matter what the composition, they are just fun to paint for the sheer joy of burst of yellow color and the sign that spring is on it's way.

Even More Daffodils

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I never get tired of seeing blooming daffodils in the spring. Aren't these white ones beautiful?! 

Daffodils in bloom   sibstudio dot com

  All the daffodils in the yard are in full bloom.  

Daffodils on the hillside  SibStudio dot com

Each year the clusters get bigger and fuller.

Two tone yellow daffodils at sibstudio dot com

These two tone yellow daffodils are nestled under a bush that is just starting to bloom. You can really see how the six petals are arranged as two sets of three – three below and three above like pinwheels.  I am painting daffodils on wine glasses this week.  I'll have photos of them posted later in the week.  Enjoy your day !

Lucky Four Leaf Clover

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Everyday is like St. Patrick's Day around here if you are thinking of four leaf clovers. Even a week later.  My grandmother had a knack for finding four leaf clovers where ever she went.  It seems to have skipped two generations to my daughter.  No matter where she goes, she can look down and pluck a four leaf clover. The first one I remember her finding was along the edge of a parking lot when she was a preschooler.   Here's the one she found yesterday afternoon in the yard:

four leaf clover

 I've read that there is a one in 10,000 chance of finding a four leaf clover. I need a calculator for the odds of finding 40 – 50 as my daughter has….. so far. 

The four leaves of the clover  symbolize faith, hope, love, and the fourth, luck.  They have been considered a sign of luck from way back in the days of Druids. Some of the four leaf clovers are plain green like the one my daughter found, and others have a white marking like this:

four leaf clover image Wikimedia photo credit: Wikimedia

She has found both variations. Four leaf clovers are sometimes called a mutation of the white clover plant. I just call it a lucky white clover plant.  : )