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Cheetah Tote

Posted in Sewing

I love so many of the suede cloths that are available now.  Suede cloth or suedecloth is a faux suede that has the velvety feel and drape of suede but is washable. Many of my customers prefer a vegan suede, and suede cloth is a perfect fit for them.  This cheetah suede cloth is my favorite. I love the rich browns as well as the soft nap. I thought it would make an awesome tote paired with black faux leather. See what you think:

Tote from SibStudioSewing
Cheetah Tote

I paired it with a hot pink cotton lining and zebra pockets.  I quilted the inside fabric for sturdiness and to make the inside as pretty as the outside.  The zebra pockets are lower in the tote to keep the tote appropriate for work and other places but still have a little fun with the insides.  Here’s a peek at the inside:

Inside the cheetah tote
Zipper pockets, a ring of 5 inch pockets and a keyring

This tote is listed on my sewing shop now. I am adding new items in both shops this week and will be giving a peek and the behind the scenes stories about them over the next week.