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Happy Weekend!

Posted in Art Work, and CCAA Gallery

Ooops!  Where did the week go?! 

I am working on a new project . I'll have some updates by the end of the month. : )    In the meantime I am painting new work for the CCAA Exton gallery and my Etsy shop.  I am bored looking at the same art and I know you are too, so stay tuned for new artwork!

This time of year brings yard work at our house. We have the yard set up so most of the work needs to be done in the early spring. Which works great because that's before the ticks are out in full force and the weather is still cool. I found the first crocus bloom and a bluebird flew by! I was surprised by the bluebird – seems early to me. But I am wrong, they are here all winter – who knew?!  I didn't have my camera with me  – umm…  power hedge clippers and cameras don't mix – at least in this household. So I am including this terrific photo from blog  that I found thanks to Ginger on Pinterest.   The blue is so brilliant – it's an eye catching bird!  And does it bring happiness ?  Well  I was happy to finish the yard work today ; )