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If Dewdrops Were Diamonds

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If Dewdrops Were Diamonds

In these end of the summer mornings the dew is heavy on every surface.  The practical side of my brain says great time to sow grass seed on the bares spots of the yard.  The art side of my brain…. sees it quite differently. A sea of sparkling dewdrops as far as the eye can see, shining in the new morning light.  Like diamonds twinkling in the sunlight.  What if each dewdrop was a diamond?

Dew drops on grass

Diamonds…… waiting to be scooped up in baskets, like Easter eggs during a hunt. 

Close  Up view of Dew Drops

  The mini drops look like diamond seedling,  I love the ones hanging off the blade of grass. If dew drops were diamonds…. I suppose they would not be as valued since they would now be as common as dew drops in the morning light.    : )

Enjoy the beauty of your day !