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Leap of Faith

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This morning I watched as the three baby bunnies took a literal leap of faith out of their nest into the big world.  How exciting!  I’ve written many times about the rabbits that live in the yard.

One of the rabbits living in the yard

About 2 -3 weeks ago the dog was sitting quietly, watching out the backdoor window.  When we came over to see what had his attention, we saw this:

Rabbit with dried grass for nesting

Neither of us had seen a rabbit gathering dried grass before. She carefully gathered a mouthful of dried grass from a pile of clippings and carried up the deck steps and hopped into a tall planter. She could not reach the planter from the ground, but she could by hopping from the steps into it. The planter is 2 -3 feet off the ground.

Rabbit hopping out of planter nest Here she is jumping out of the planter.  The photo was taken from inside and she moved so fast, but you can get the idea.

gathering dried grass for a nest She noticed us at this point, but kept on with her task.

Bunny nest in planterWe left the planter alone, not wanting to disturb any nest that might have been in the planter.  This week we noticed a small cave like hole.Yesterday we noticed this:

baby bunny in planter nest

One of the three babies. They were starting to move out into view – although I could only get a photo through the screen door glass. They are barely 3 inches – so cute.  This morning when I opened the blinds, I could see one leaning over the edge of the planter. That’s when I noticed that 2 tiny babies were already on the ground, scurrying under the deck overhang. As I watched, the last one took a  leap of faith into the big world and joined his siblings.   Would have been great to have had my camera but it was over in about 4 seconds.  It was so cool to able to see the big event!

Hope your day is a happy leap of faith!


  1. Amy

    Oh my gosh, that is adorable!! We have a lot of bunnies in our yard but they are just too fast to ever get a photo. You got some great ones!

    June 19, 2012
  2. Sibstudio

    I have the same problem getting photos outside. I’ve discovered I can get some decent, and some not so decent, photos from inside with the zoom. : )

    June 19, 2012
  3. That is so wonderful to have a front row seat to Mother Nature in action. Baby bunnies are so cute!

    June 21, 2012

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