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Category: Peeking Behind the Seam

Bloopers: Ironing Lace

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As hard as I try, there are going to be bloopers when creating. When painting, I can often just repaint and move on. When sewing, I look for my seam ripper and start taking it apart to redo.  Once in a while, there is nothing that can be done to save it ….. groan.

A too hot iron wrecks havoc on lace

I had just finished sewing this beautiful antique lace and champagne colored satin lingerie bag. I was giving it the final pressing before photographing it for my shop. Unfortunately, I forgot to turn the iron temperature down …..

melted-lace-1191The hot iron literally melted the lace on to the iron. It is not repairable on this bag.

These bloopers happen to all of us. It’s part of the process and some lessons are learned the hard way. Now I am very careful when pressing lace. – always use a cool iron when pressing lace!!  🙂