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Fall iPhone 6 Plus Clutches

Posted in Sewing

I will be listing new iPhone 6 Plus clutches this afternoon and tomorrow.

Autumn iPhone 6 plus Clutches
Autumn iPhone 6 plus Clutches

These clutches are perfect for the larger smartphones and will fit the iPhone 6 Plus. They have a removable wristlet strap. Each is fully lined and has interior pockets, perfect for id and credit cards. There is a light padding to give a little cushioning to your items, and a zipper closure to keep everything safely inside.

Sitting next to my sewing machine, ready to be sewn, are the Fall iPhone 6 sized wristlets. I will be listing those shortly as well, Stay tuned!

Lots of New Items Coming

Posted in Sewing

Hope everyone has had a great summer! I’ve been sewing lots of custom orders for customers, trying out new design ideas, painting new paintings, and getting ready to list lots of new items over the next several weeks.

This week I am sewing more of the popular stethoscope bags:

Stethoscope bags

These bags are large enough to fit your stethoscope, and anything else you need. They are vinyl lined, so they are easy to wipe clean. Extra padding keeps your stethoscope protected. They can also be used as a cosmetic bag for your favorite health professional.

Lots of new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus sized bags are almost finished and ready to be listed this week as well! These bags will fit your phone, even with a Otterbox case. Some of the newest iPhone 6 Plus Clutches:



Stay tuned for lots more items, and lots more blogging as well!


Peeking into my Sketchbook

Posted in Art Work, and Peeking Behind the Easel

I use my sketch books for drawing out ideas, refining the composition, colors and layout of future paintings.  The seed catalogs have been arriving the mailbox and I was inspired by all of the photos of roses.

Rose drawing in my sketch book
Rose drawing in my sketch book

This is one of the drawings of roses I’ve been working on. I haven’t decided if I want the future painting to focus on one large flower or to be part of several roses. I’ve been toying with painting roses on wine glasses as well. That’s the fun of sketch book drawings – no decision have to be made, just draw  🙂

Nesting Red Tail Hawk Cam

Posted in Peeking Behind the Easel, and Reference Photos

I love watching the variety of bird cams from around the country. It is so interesting to see the birds up close. You can see their eyes, beaks, feathers, as well as how they perch, fly and sit. It’s great for observing and sketching the birds for future paintings and drawings.

This week I’ve been peeking in on a red tail hawk on the Cornell Lab or Ornithology. Here’s the link so you can see these beautiful hawks:

The mom is sitting on two eggs now and the dad flies in regularly. There are also photos on the page in case you miss seeing the hawks moving and flying in and out.

Mom and Dad redtail hawks tending two eggs in their nest Photo: From Jacquie Laughlin twitter feed via Cornell Lab of Ornithology
Mom and Dad redtail hawks tending two eggs in their nest
Photo: From Jacquie Laughlin twitter feed via Cornell Lab of Ornithology

There is also a twitter feed to the right with this great photo of both birds facing the nest and away from the camera. You can see their gorgeous red tail feathers and how they got their names.  Head on over this great bird cam and Enjoy!